Blocks of Plastic Double Canary Breeding Cages



  • Available in blocks of 4 double breeding cages + bottom cabinet
  • Cages arrives assembled. Cabinet comes flat packed.
  • Dimensions per double breeding cage: (L) 37" x (D) 14.5" x (H) 16"
  • Dimensions of block: (L) 30" x (D) 14.5" x (H) 80"
  • Materials: UPVC Plastic Fascia Board
  • Manufactured in the UK using nails, screws and a high pressure staple gun
  • Removable divider for separating or joining the double cages.
  • Removable sliding trays underneath for easy cleaning
  • Strong, robust and easily stackable
  • Cage fronts are easily removable for changing or cleaning.
  • Approx gap between bars: 12mm
  • Cage front colour: powder black
  • No more painting, no more bugs, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Suitable for both experienced breeders and enthusiastic hobbyists